Oil Coreysa High Oleic 80% 5L
  • Oil Coreysa High Oleic 80% 5L

Oil Coreysa High Oleic 80% 5L

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Bottle 5 Liters.



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Its duration is much more than twice that of normal sunflower, and because of its Oeic acid content, it is especially indicated for use in fryers with a lot of work and high temperatures. Highly demanded by professionals due to its excellent results in frying, leaving them much more dry and crispy and avoiding the mixture of flavors between different products.

The fried, by absorbing much less oil, allow significant savings in the replacement of the fryer, vitamins E and C together with the high content of Oleic produce a crust in the fried that prevents the passage of oil to the interior frying from the outside in . It is a healthy frying, ideal for those manufacturers who seek in the oil performance and health.

11.5 Hours of stability.